Outstanding Product for Mosquito Bites by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Product for Mosquito Bites
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

If you live in Houston you are going to get mosquito bites. Although we may go weeks without many of these critters, sooner or later they will be back to feast on us. And while products containing DEET can keep them at bay, for those times when you get a bite, you need relief.

An outstanding product for relieving the itch of mosquito bites is "After Bite" from Tender Corporation, Box 290, Littleton, NH 03561. It comes in a tube that is a little thicker than a pen. It even has a clip for carrying in your shirt pocket. I keep one by the back door and one in my glove box. The tubes sell for a buck or two and last quite a while. After Bite is filled with a liquid that you blot onto the bite. Instant relief from the itch. I won't be without it in Houston (or on vacation).

After bite is available in Houston at Academy Stores, Eckerds and other drug stores. Give it a try.

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