Boraxo: My Favorite Hand Soap
by Donald Ray Burger

I garden a lot. And I don't like to wear gloves while gardening. That means my hands can get really dirty. To solve this situation I recommend an old-fashioned remedy: Boraxo.

Boraxo comes in a round container of 12 ounces of sodium tetraborax decahydrate. Borax.

The artwork on the container features a couple of wagons pulled by a twenty-mule team. It is hard to find in grocery stores. I got my last container from One container will last forever, if you are a weekend gardener.

Many people I know use Lava soap for cleaning dirty hands. I never liked Lava because it is so harsh. It leaves my hands feeling raw. In contrast, Boraxo makes them feel clean and moist. Almost like I put lotion on. I know this makes little sense, but give this product a try and I know you will become a fan. This is great stuff. It does a thorough job and leaves one's hands feeling wonderful.

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