Dutch Oven BBQ Beans Recipe by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Dutch Oven BBQ Beans
Recipe by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law


_____ one 16 ounce can Trappeys Jalapinto Pinto Beans
_____ 1/4 tsp mustard seeds
_____ 1/2 teaspoon black pepper seeds
_____ 1/8 cup molasses
_____ 1/4 yellow onion, finely diced
_____ 1/4 teaspoon Fiesta brand Mesquite Flavored Fajita Seasoning
_____ 1/4 cup D.L. Jardine's Special Edition Texas Pecan BBQ Sauce
_____ 1 small clove minced garlic

1. Gather a ten inch Dutch Oven, oven gloves, lid lifter, long tongs, lid stand, charcoal and charcoal chimney. Also, figure out where you will place the finished pot of chicken when you bring it in. It is heavy and big. A metal pizza pan placed on top of trivets works for me. You will need one for each Dutch Oven dish.
2. Start the charcoal in the charcoal chimney.
3. Open the can of beans
4. Using a grinder or mortar pulverize the mustard seeds and black pepper seeds and but them in a container with the Fajita seasoning.
5. Place the mollasses, maple syrup, BBQ sauce and minced garlic in another container.
6. In a 10 inch Dutch Oven place one ring of charcoals under the Dutch Oven. Add all the above ingredients in any order.
7. Place the lid on the Dutch Oven and put 1 1/2 rings of charcoal on the top lid. This should produce a 350 degree oven.
8. Cook approximately 25 minutes, rotating the lid about 180 degrees about half way through to make sure the heat is even.

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