by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

How does one hire a lawyer?

How do you bill?

What makes a good personal injury lawsuit?

What Are Some Things You Should Know When Dealing with Insurance Companies?

What can you tell me about the Texas Open Meetings Act?

What can you tell me about Texas Gun Laws?

What can you tell me about cemetery law in Texas?

Why should I have a will?

What happens if you die without a will?

How does one determine the unknown heirs under Texas law

What is your background?

What is mediation?

What types of damages are allowed in business cases in Texas?

What to Do If Your Business Has Been Sued in Texas State Court

What are the Rules and Regulations Governing Admission of Nonresident Attorneys in the State Courts of Texas

What can I do if my insurance company delays paying my claim?

What can you tell me about bee law in Texas?

What is a trust account?

What are a landlord's duties to repair under a lease in Texas?

What are some of the steps in probate of a will?

How does a subcontractor recover retainage under Texas law?

What changes were made to the DTPA for cases filed after September 1, 1996?

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