My Favorite Flashlight by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
My Favorite Flashlight
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

The trouble with flashlights is that the batteries are always going dead just when you need them. And that's just what you don't need if you have to grab a flashlight. Plus, even with fresh batteries, you normally only get a couple of hours of total light before they give up the ghost.

Well, we now have a solution. The C Crane Company has developed a flashlight that will give off bright light continuously for between thirty (30) and fifty (50) hours on three AA batteries. They call it the CC Trek Light. And at 7 1/4 inches in length and 1 1/8 inches in diameter it is small enough to throw into your glove box, backpack, hurricane kit or suitcase.

The flashlight does not have a tungsten bulb. Tungsten bulbs are the weak link in regular flashlights. It is the bulb that uses so much energy that the batteries are caused to drain within hours. So C Crane utilized the new technology that developed a white LED (light emitting diode) to "increase" effective battery life. LED's draw minimal voltage. So they last practically forever. So do the batteries supplying them with the minimal power they require. By putting an array of two LED's together, we now have a flashlight with a bright light that will last practically forever. In an experiment I ran on mine, it burned with a bright light for around thirty hours of continuous use on the included batteries and it kept burning, albeit at a diminished rate, for long after that. And even after over two weeks of continuous use the diminished rate was strong enough to light the area at your feet. There was plenty of light to read by and more than enough for close work.

Let me repeat, instead of one or two hours of light, you get over 30 hours of bright light and weeks of usable light in a small flashlight using easily obtainable AA batteries. C Crane says the LED's have a life of several thousand hours. This is a great flashlight. Although it is not a cheap flashlight, it is well worth the price for what you get. If you order several at a time, there is a substantial price break. You can order your own CC Trek Light directly from C Crane by clicking here.

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