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The Beauty of Nature

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The Beauty of Nature

There are many places, in Kansai, which are noted for cherry blossoms, autumn foliage, and the moon viewing. Areas where clear air and clean streams can be found are ideal places to view thousands of stars or see fireflies. Fortunately, those places can be found close to residential areas.

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Fireflies seen in Santocho(Shiga)

The Amanogawa river runs east to west through Santocho, Shiga prefecture. It is blessed with clean water, and provides fireflies many places to dance along the river on a summer night. A charming night scene can be seen around Amanogawa-bashi bridge, located in front of Ohminagaoka station. Nineteen species of fireflies live in Japan and a spice called genjibotaru, which emits brightest light, inhabits the Amanogawa river. The genjibotaru on this river are designated as a nationally protected insect. This fascinating symphony of lights can be seen only for two or three weeks.

Best time to visit
At dusk through late at night in June. The Firefly Festival is held every June.

Ohminagaoka station on JR Tokaido Line.

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