Freeze Protection for Plants in Pots in Houston
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I love growing plants in clay pots. Out of laziness I sometimes even grow them in the black plastic pots in which I bought them. But just as summer requires extra watering of plants in pots, winter presents its own problems.

Because there is little insulation around the roots of plants in pots, you face the prospect of losing a plant in a pot if we have an extended freeze. And this applies to all plants, even ones that would otherwise do ok if they were in the ground.

Why? Because the very soil around the roots may freeze, and the roots are close to the outside of the pot. So the roots may freeze. And the water in the soil is unavailable when it is in the form of ice. This may end the life of the plant.

Thus, if we are expecting freezing weather for more than a few hours, you had better bring in that pot. If you can't (maybe it is too big) then water the plant thoroughly just before you go to bed and, if it is going to get real cold, wrap the pot in blankets. And cross your fingers.

Last revised November 14, 1997

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