Joint Care for Dogs by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Joint Care for Dogs
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Our first golden retriever, Toby, began having trouble walking when he was around nine years old. He had trouble with steps and stairs. He was slow to get up. He would slip on the wood floors. We feared hip dysplasia. Turned out to be arthritis. Still, a solution was needed.

We tried Rimadyl but Toby didn't do well on it. We then tried Cosequin DS (prescription). We now use Foster & Smith's Joint Care (800 562 7169). Both Cosequin and Joint Care are capsules of glucosamine HCL (500 mg) and Chondroitin Sulfate (400 mg) and Vitamin C. I doubt that there is a placebo effect with dogs. Toby showed instant improvement on these products. Falling decreased, stairs became manageable and movement more normal. The stuff is expensive, but the improvement in Toby's quality of life was immediate. I highly recommend it if your older dog is having joint problems.

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