Guacamole the Talking Leaves Way by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Guacamole the Talking Leaves Way
Recipe by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law


one ripe avocado
1/3 teaspoon of mayonnaise
3 to 4 drops of fresh lime (or lemon) juice
sprinkling of crushed dried red peppers
pinch or two of Fiesta brand Fajita Seasoning with Tenderizer & Mesquite flavor

I love guacamole dip. For years I followed the traditional recipe using garlic powder. One day I couldn't find the garlic powder and so I substituted the Fiesta brand Mesquite Flavored Fajita Seasoning instead. Wow! What a difference. This "secret ingredient" is readily available in Houston at HEB and Kroger grocery stores. The product is made by Bolner's Fiesta Products out of San Antonio. I don't have the address or phone number, so don't ask. But this is the key ingredient that makes this recipe different. It give the guacamole the smokey flavor of mesquite that can't be beat. If you can't find the real thing try using garlic powder (not garlic salt) or your favorite meat "pepper" seasoning.

The first step is to get the avocado out of its skin with a flourish. Take a sharp knife and cut the avocado in half. One half will contain the seed. With a sharp motion hit the seed with the cutting edge of the knife. A slight twist of the wrist should cleanly pop the seed out of the avocado. Trash the seed. Next, take a spoon and scoop the avocado out of the skin and into a small bowl. Next, we will mash up the avocado with the spoon. Begin by cutting the avocado into increasingly smaller pieces and then squash the pieces into creaminess with the back of the spoon. When things begin to look like mush get a clean spoon (no fair licking) and add the 1/3 teaspoon of mayonnaise to the bowl. Don't use more or it will overwhelm the taste. The goal is to smooth out the avocado without diluting the wonderful taste. Once you have the desired creaminess add the crushed red peppers and the Mesquite Flavored Fajita Seasoning to taste and the 3 to 4 drops of lime. The dried peppers and seasoning add spice to the recipe. The mayonnaise gives a creaminess to the dip. The lime (or lemon) is used to keep the avocado from turning brown before serving. And remember that the key to finding a ripe avocado is to select one that is just slightly "soft" to the squeeze. Hard ones are still too green and really soft ones are too ripe.

This recipe will make a wonderful guacamole dip for two. For larger gatherings increase proportions accordingly.

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