Songs about Mining
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

In 1996 when I was in Powder Cache Antiques in Georgetown, Colorado, I noticed a music cassette titled Portrait of a Miner. It was subtitled "A Collection of Traditional & Obscure Mining Songs." I bought it. Cost about ten dollars. It is a great collection of mining-related songs sung in a blues style by Richard Ormsby. Copyright 1990. Songs include:
Tramp Miner
Last Train From Poor Valley
Cripple Creek
Hard Rock Blues
Heart Of A Miner
Hard Travelin'
There Is No Night In Creede
North Country Blues
Day In The Life
Dark As A Dungeon
The Men Who Won't Fit In
Mosey On Down The Road

This is a great cassette for anyone interested in mining songs. I highly recommend it. One can order it from:
Tramp Miner Productions
P.O.Box 284
Creede, CO 81130
(719) 658 2608

Last revised May 10, 1997

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