My Index of Outdoor Railroader by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
My Personal Index of Outdoor Railroader
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Outdoor Railroader October/November, 1991, Volume 1, Number 1

p. 15: Product review: Ryan Equiment's trucks-exact replica for RG 30 foot cars.
p. 18: Modifying the LGB Mogul:
-how to disassemble it;
-paint advice (Floquil grimy black or Krylon flat balck plus Floquil crystal coat;
-converting to coal-parts & loads;
p. 26: Ballast ideas-roofing rock wins. Decomposed granite good too.
p. 30: Best solder: Radio Shack's 63% tin, 35% lead, 2% silver.
p. 32: Track plan for a yard-nice article.
p. 37: Removing decals with paint thinner (not laquer thinner).
p. 37: Use Dean Lowe's wheels & Gary Raymond's plastic washers.
p. 46 Ad for Watertank at Blossom Creek. $130. Very nice.

Outdoor Railroader June/July, 1992, Volume 2, Number 3

p. 12: Review of covered bridge. $185. Nice looking. Mfg: J&C Railroad Co. Ad on p. 75.
p. 20: Modeling review of Tank at Blossom Creek. Not suitable for outdoors. Good article for construction techniques.
p. 22: Review of excellent figures from Phoenix Model Dev. Ltd.
p. 22: Review of Bachmann's passenger coach kit.
p. 23: Review of Garlich's operating switchstand. $17.
p. 24: Review of Little Railway's small station. $67.
p. 25: Review of waterspout.($8) from Scale Division.
p. 25: Review of arch bridge ($95) from Lone Stare Bridge.
p. 34: Changing a Bachmann or LGB bobber into a C&S Caboose.
p. 50: Building a wooden Caboose:Part 4.
p. 54: Improving Lehmann's Porter 0-2-0. Good for parts, techniques & painting tips.
p. 59: Drawing of actual Porter.
p. 60: Article on dwarf conifers. Author likes dwarf Alberta Spruce. Also likes Juniper communis compressa, pinus mugo valley cushion.
p. 62: Article on how to make basic molds (e.g. abutements).
p. 64: Scratch build a dispatcher's office. Good on making windows, doors, smokestacks, roofs & foundations.
p. 68 How to wire Your Layout, Part I: six of the most common questions.
p. 70: Data sheet on coupler dimensions. Good!

Outdoor Railroader February/March, 1993, Volume 3, Number 1

p. 26: Flickering firebox light kit ($40) reviewed. Hillside Railway.
p. 26: Vertical boiler steam engine. Ozark. $61.
p. 27: Custom made G Scale decals.
p. 30: Pola buildings, although allegedly 1:22.5 are really 10% larger in height. That comes to 1:20.
p. 41: Pix of layout room as interior of passenger car. Terrific job.
p. 51: Building a 1:22.5 standard gauge boxcar. Part 1.
p. 56: How to model roofs in tarpaper-320 or 400 grit plus grimy black paint.
p. 63: Article on adhesives for outdoor use. Avoid"Goo."
p. 64: Americanizing LGB's ore cars. Good.
p. 68: Modifying LGB's 0-4-0 locomotive.
p. 72: Making B&W art from your color prints & the office copier.
p. 74: Data sheet for D&RGW couplers.

Outdoor Railroader April/May, 1993, Volume 3, Number 2

p. 24: Review of Kadee couplers for LGB & Bachmann locomotives.
p. 26: Passenger car detail parts by Trackside Details: Chairs.
p. 28: When ordering decals for LGB order 1:24 since cars tend to be a little short. That scale looks better.
p. 29: Logging Video. $15.
p. 52: Regular maintenance for your LGB.
p. 56: Narrow gauge brake hardware.
p. 60: Standard gauge boxcar in1:22.5. Part 2.
p. 66: Add-ons to simple structures to make them different. E.g. awnings, porch steps, outbuildings. Great on steps to weather styrene to look like wood. 600 grit sandpaper for roof.
p. 70: Putting a battery operated light in caboose.
p. 77: Operating coupler release levers; doesn't work on Kadee couplers.

Outdoor Railroader June/July, 1993, Volume e, Number 3

p. 19: Interesting editorial on scale vs. gauge.
p. 24: Product review: Lone Star Bridge's 1:24 Howe Truss Bridge ($225).
p. 29: Product review: Dean Loew's 26" diameter wheels for 1:22.5.
p. 31: Custom cypress trees from Istra Metalcraft. $8.00 per 50.
p. 38: Painting outdoor Models, Part 1:
-model paints hold up outdoors.
-don't mix Krylon with model paint with weathering paint. Stick with one mfg's brand.
-water base ok. Protect with Floquil gloss or flat.
-tips re amount of gloss.
-history of narrow gauge paint schemes.
p. 56: Data Sheet on basic railroad hardware. Very good.
p. 58: Scratchbuilding wooden rolling stock.
p. 63: Building a pond.
p. 66: A C&S Depot.
p. 68: Build a Standard Gauge Boxcar in 1:22.5, Part 3. Used Krylon Ruddy Brown Sandable primer.
p. 76: Locomotive backhead detail.
p. 79: Improving LGB's Baggage Car in 1:22.5.

Outdoor Railroader August/September, 1993, Volume 3, Number 4

p. 26: Product review: Overhead Railways "G" clean car.
p. 27: Product review: Precision Products plastic veneer sheets.
p. 39: Mounting Kadee Couplers to LGB rolling stock:
-need LGB 1600 or larger radius to use 830's body mounted couplers.
-Kadee 831 coupler is truck mounted.
p. 41: Pictorial review of Dean Lowe's C&S in G scale.
-all rolling stock uses Kadee Number 1 gauge couplers.
-ballast is number 10 granite grit with yellow carpenter's glue.
p. 52: Modifying a Delton boxcar to a scale model.
-Krylon Ruddy Brown is close to D&RGW boxcar red.
p.60: Kitbash a Bachmann combine to a trackside building.
p. 63: Blueprints for C&S stockcar No. 7064.
p. 67: A picture of Number 70: C&S's only oil burner.
p. 68: How to Paint a Caboose for Outdoors. Great tips.
p. 73: Modeling a D&RGW Idler flatcar in 1:20. 1:20 scale allows using an LGB Mogul asa 1:20 Porter prototype instead of a 1/2" scale Cooke.
p. 76: How to Build a Waterfall.

Outdoor Railroader February/March, 1994, Volume 4, Number 1

p. 18: Adhesive warning: don't use liquid solvent-type styrene cement outside. It will shrink.
p. 19: Trick for coupling passenger cars close together.
p. 23: Product Review: Garlich's railbender. $83.00.
p. 24: Product Review: Etched builder's plates. $12.00 a pair.
p. 26: Product Review: LGB's Forney-no prototype. Captures flavor.
p. 34: Reworking Bachmann's 10 wheeler.
-making it more like the prototype RGS.
-list of parts used.
-adding lead weights.
-modifying tender.
p. 38: Pruning Alberta Spruce trees.
p. 40: Modifying LGB's hopper car for more realism.
-adding Kadee couplers.
p. 42: Article on 12 x 18 railplan!
p. 58: A front pilot beam for Lehmann's Porter (link & pin).
-painting with a wash of glacial acetic acid then Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer.
p. 66: Building a 1:20 logging disconnect.
p. 73: Building a sled mounted boiler for $6.00 in 8 hours.

Outdoor Railroader June/July, 1994, Volume 4, Number 3

p. 19: OR states it is unable to recommend any Delton products. p. 20: Using doll eyes for rivets!
p. 20: using "heavy" paint (for T-shirts) to make rivets.
p. 27: Product Review: Aristo-Craft's remote throttle.
p. 32: Product Review: Lone Star Bridge's Through Howe Truss bridge.
p. 34: Product Review: Large scale lamps by Beli-Belco.
p. 36: Product Review: LGB's 43650 C&S caboose ($118).
p. 42: Interesting article on layout with plan: The Glacier Northern.
p. 49: Central Georgia Garden Railway Society system for roadbed (uses 4" pvc pipe, weed barrier & washed granite).
p. 56: Modeling C&S reefers.
p. 58: A gauge one Live Steam Primer of "affordable tea kettles."
p. 60: Americanizing LGB's lighted switchstands.
p. 72: Modifying Bachmann's baggage car.
p. 74: Making a work-train combine.

Outdoor Railroader August/September, 1994, Volume 4, Number 4

p. 12: Product Review: "Design Preservation-type" modular walls are available from CS Models.
p. 18: Several letters to editor re Aristo-Craft's remote control device-how to not modify it.
p. 21: Using N-scale track nails as rivets (pictures included).
p. 24: Product Review: RCS's cordless walkaround controller called the Simplicity RC:
-it does not replace your powerpack, but gives you wireless control of same. Must have MRC Controllmaster 20 or Star-Tech's Hogger packs.
p. 25: Product Review: Aunt Bertha's House by Korber Models. 1:24. $30. Contains painting tips.
p. 26: Product Review: Ozark Miniature's Velocipede. $20.
p. 27: Product Review: NC Bridge Co.'s 1:22.5 truss bridge.
p. 27: Product Review: Aristo-Craft's 1:24 elevated watchman's shanty (suitable for 1:22.5). $70.00.
p. 28: Product Review: LGB's 41600 flatcars. $83. Nice car, but follows no known prototype.
p. 34: Scratch building a C&S coal car.
p. 39: Excellent article on roof details and weathering tips using paint. Also, section on using iron sulfate to make rust and weather wood to a grey color.
p. 53: Article on Crystal Springs RR by Jack Verducci. Some of the best scenery I've seen. A+.
p.61: Bashing 2 Bachmann bobbers into one 8 wheel (free lance) caboose.
p. 64: Basic How-To article on building lakes & streams.
p. 64: Sophisticated reverse loop wiring using LGB components.

Outdoor Railroader October/November, 1994, Volume 4, Number 5

p. 18: Letter re modifying LGB 1600 switch to make it less sharp.
p.28: Product Review: Bachmann's Spectrum 2-4-2T. $300. Mentions requirement of lubricating loco before running it. Use LaBelle 108.
p. 34: Product Review: Bachmann's tank car. $40.00.
p. 36: Product Review: LGB's DSP&P's baggage car 32840. $118.
p. 36: Product Review: LGB's C&S boxcar 45670. $110.00.
p. 44: Americanizing Bachmann's Spectrum 2-4-2 :
-removing decals with Floquil Dio-Sol.
-chemically darkening the side rods with Blacken-It.
-dusting loco with grimy black.
p. 46: Kitbash of Piko's brewery to generic industrial plant. Good article.
p.56: Battery powered radio control-using Aristo-Craft's Train Engineer.
p.68: Article on large scale modules. Compares track heights, etc.
p. 82: Building a steamer. Part 2. Good basics.
p.90: Scratch building another two-holer using popsicle sticks, coffee stir-sticks & drinking straws. Nice looking model. Interesting ideas.

Outdoor Railroader December 1994/Janury 1995, Volume 4, Number 6

p. 13: Product Review: Dean Lowe's G scale 24" diameter wheelsets in 1:22.5 scale.
p. 19: Statement of circulation of Outdoor Railroader as of 9/15/94: 16,317.
p. 20: Using battery power with Aristocraft's Train Engineer will not void warranty.
p.21: Using Barry's Big Train shop to remotor Bachmann's Big Hauler.
p. 30: Using an inexpensive wrist watch as a clock in a RR station.
p. 39: Code 197 (Old Pullman makes turnouts) is smallest size rail you can spike & still run typical flanges over.
p. Using hollowcore doors to make benchwork & ceiling tiles instead of homosote.
p. 66: Detailing your passenger cars: adding smoke vents, roller shades.
p. 72: Essay on realistic large scale vs. snap track.
p. 76: Scratchbuild a D&RGW stock car in 1:20.3 scale. 1:20.3 works out to 15 mm = one foot-true three foot narrow gauge on Number One gauge track.
p. 78: Kit bashing Bachmann's Porter in 1:20.3.
p. 80: Kit bashing Bachmann's Porter into a RGS 2-4-0 in 1:24 scale.

Outdoor Railroader February/March 1995, Volume 5, Number 1

p. 21: Letter to editor from Larry Leggett, Houston, Texas, recommending Keithco Locolinc & Terry Miller's sound system.
p. 30: Product review of C&S Scale Industries' brick building kit.
p. 32: Product review: Llagas Creek Railway's ground throw.
p. 36: Product review: Battery Backshop's remote throttle-using Keithco Locolinc.
p. 42: Build a Logging Caboose.
p. 63: Review of Aristo-Craft's boxcar speaker installation-good "how to" hints on building the enclosure for best bass sound using 4" speakers.
p. 66: Building a Water Tank.
p. 68: Identifying C&S Freight Cars.
p. 75: Article on resin casting of parts.

Outdoor Railroader April/May 1995, Volume 5, Number 2

p. 18: Letter to Editor from RCS re pulse power and Locolinc.
p. 21: Letter to Editor re way to check Bachmann's 4-6-0 loco's oil supply.
p. 23: Letter to Editor re using Windex or rubbing alcohol in molds to prevent air bubbles.
p. 29: Product Review on LGB's new $576 10 amp power pack.
p. 30: Product Review of Real Rail Effects digital sound modules.
p. 31: Product Review: PIKO 1:22.5 scale enginehouse.
p. 32: Product Review of Kadee coupler #790 for LGB's Forney.
p. 33: Product Review of RCS's throttles. OR's highest rating.
p. 35: Product Review of Sierra Valley Enterprises gondola in 1:20.3.
p. 42: Article on C & S side dump cinder car in 1:24 by Doug Heitkamp. Article gives address for Darrell Poole's C & S Connection for plans and info. Doug's formulae for C & S boxcar red is 2 parts Floquil Boxcar Red to one part Floquil Caboose Red. Great article
p. 46: The South Park Line: A Brief History of the DSP&P and C&S Railroads by Russ Reinberg.
p. 52: Article and scale drawing of a freelanced C & S coal House.
p. 54: Picture of the C & S Baker Water Tank.
p. 55: Picture of C & S Caboose No. 1009.
p. 56: Picture of two C & S models by Dave Duke-one a C & S work car and one a C & S baggage car.
p. 58: Article on George R Brown's Clear Creek Line of the C & S.
p. 61: Scale drawing of C & S boxcar No. 8072.
p. 62: Article on building the DSP&P Hancock Station.
p. 64: Scale drawing of DSP&P Hancock Station.
p. 67: Article on modeling credible brakestaffs in narrow gauge.
p. 68: Building a logging chain drive, Part Three.
p. 72: Article on the SSP&P Tiffany Refrigerator cars.
p. 76: Article on upgrading LGB's Tiffany Reefer.
p. 78: Converting an LGB Mogul into a C&S No. 68 2-8-0. By Dean Lowe.
p. 81: Scratchbuilding a branchline water tank, including a scale drawing.

Outdoor Railroader June/July 1995, Volume 5, Number 3

p. 18: Letter to Editor correcting a couple of errors regarding C & S station at Hancock.
p. 18: Letter to Editor from President of Keithco about RCS's criticism of power pack mfgs.
p. 20: Here is letter to editor advocating using lamp oil for smoke. Contra letters follow in subsequest issues.
p. 26: Product Review of Hogger Walk-A-Round power pack.
p. 27: Product Review of Chicago Model International's steam sound system.
p. 28: Product Review of Saxton Car & Foundry 1:20.3 scale Carter Trucks.
p. 31: Product Review of Lone Star Bridge & Abutment's Queenpost truss bridge.
p. 54: Article on how Roger Russell uses natural materials for his ground cover and scenery. Excellent pictures.
p. 57: Detailed article on C & S coal cars. Excellent prototype pictures.
p. 61: Article on virtues and vices of various types of metal for rail.
p. 63: A Poor Man's rail bender. Don't miss this article.
p. 66: Scale drawing of SP Narrow Gauge Combination #16.
p. 68: More Realistic Passenger Cars. Part 1. Kitbashing a C & S baggage car.
p. 73: WOW! Picture of 38 foot long, 4-1/2 foot tall trestle.
p. 74: Article of building a skeleton log car.
p. 76: Rocks made to order by Bonsai grower.
p. 77: Kitbashing an LGB 2-6-0 from Mogul to Swithcer.
p. 80: Building a DRGW dump car. Part 1.

Outdoor Railroader August/September 1995, Volume 5, Number 4

p. 33: Product Review of figures from Figure It Out. GP version is shown. Adult versions available.
p. 42: A History of the Shay, Part 1.
p. 56: Building a water car.
p. 58: Building the Westside Lumber Co. gravel car in 1:20.3.
p. 60: Article on detailing the Lehmann 0-4-0 Porter.
p. 64: Article on building the Water Tank at Como in 1:24.
p. 68: A History of C & S Cabooses-the South Park Days. By Derrell Poole.
p. 77: More Realistic Passenger Cars, Part Two-the Bachmann Coach for C & S in 1:22.5.
p. 82: Scale drawings of Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Boxcar Number 50.

Outdoor Railroader October/November 1995, Volume 5, Number 5

p. 18: Product Review: Midbar Locomotive Works stone-by-stone reproduction of the Alpine Tunnel in 1:24 scale.
p. 22: Warning: lamp oil burn out smoke units.
p. 24: Pictures of kitbashes of C & S combine and two boxcars by Ed Keene.
p. 28: Product Review of LGB's 0-4-0 steam switcher.
p. 30: Product Review of PolyS paints. Thin between 100 to 25% for airbrushes. Can apply dry transfers directly to paint.
p. 31: Product Review of Eldorado Railways "trestles to order." OR liked this product.
p. 35: Product Review of Phoenix Sound Systems line.
p. 36: Video Review of "Whistle Stops of Greater Cincinnati Garden Railways.
p. 45: Scale drawing of Westside Lumber Company Dump Car.
p. 46: Article on Gregory Posta's version of RGS. Great pictures. Uses Locolinc.
p. 52: More Realistic Passenger Cars, Part 3. The Bachmann coach. Note that the C&S did not have an observation car.
p. 56: Scratchbuilding a Carter Brothers flatcar.
p. 57: Scratchbuild a simple lineside structure.
p. 58: A History of the Shay, Part 2.
p. 63: Article by Gary Raymond on installation of a speaker in a MDC boxcar. Good hints. Diesel sound (ugh). Good details.
p. 66: Using cordless doorbell systems to control loco whistles or bells.
p. 72: A History of C & S Cabooses, Part Two, by Derrell Poole. Excellent article on tracing DSP&P numbers back to their original numbers.
p. 76: Kitbash an Aristo-Craft Standard Gauge stockcar to narrow gauge.
p. 81: Scale drawing of East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Excursion car No. 11.

Outdoor Railroader December/January1996, Volume 5, Number 6

MIA at present. 9/15/97

Outdoor Railroader February/March 1996, Volume 6, Number 1

p. 21: Letters to Editor re modifications of Bachmann passenger cars.
p. 29: Letter to Editor re using RPK Garden Rail Fun press to create corrugated siding.
p. 30: Product Review of Pola's Signal Tower.
p. 30: Product review of USA Trains DRGW caboose.
p. 32: Write-up on a product sold through SanVal called ACF-50, which is an anti-corrosive formule in spray form for cleaning corrosion off track. OR liked it, but the test was not done on especially bad track.
p. 33: Product Review on Gary Raymond's metal wheels (F-24-RL in 1:20.3)
p. 57: Picture of Henry Kreyssler's model of C & S caboose No. 310.
p. 58: Article on modifying commercial figures (including repositioning the arms and modifying hats).
p. 61: Article on logging engine from a Bachmann Porter 0-4-0.
p. 65: History of the Shay, Part 3.
p. 68: Article on early logging disconnects.
p. 71: Scale drawing of Iron Mountain ore car.
p. 72: Article on building C&S caboose #1002.
Used Kadee 835 couplers. No info on paint colors of body.
p. 76: Detailing an MDC ore car for D&RGW in 1:32.
p. 80: Building switch stands in 1:22.5.
p. 81: Scale drawing of D&RGW Boxcar No. 4500.

Outdoor Railroader April/May, 1996, Volume 6, Number 2

p. 20: Use automatic brake fluid (DOT-3) on a q-tip to remove LGB decals w/o affecting the paint.
p. 29: Product Review: Battery charger from Astro Flight.
p. 31: Product Review: G & G Train's section house. $90. Author used Krylon gray for primer & schoolbus yellow & ruddy brown on exterior.
p. 32: Product Review on Piko Pharmacy kit. Has photographic interiors. Doors scale 6 feet 3 inches or 6 feet 6 inches in 1:22.5. 10% shorter in 1:20.3
p. 33: Product Review of Custom Craft sound system. $50. Battery power. Bell & whistle sound when unit passes over magnet. Also has an animal sound module.
p. 34: Product Review: Piko RG Water Tank. Not prototype. Still, nice. Author says it is really 1:29 scale although mfg claims 1:22.5.
p. 42: Seven rules author used in building his garden RR-The Cortez & Silverton. For example, 1600 curves are min. Flex track used whenever possible. Install sound in every loco. Use manual turnouts. Use walk-around control. Make sure mainline passes through either the straight or tailing points of turnout. Use battery control if turnout requires power. Even 1600 curves are too tight. Good pictures.
p. 44: Uncle Russ's article on his standards for his Dinkey Creek & Buttonwillow RR. Use 1600 curves. Keep plan simple. Operations are rare. Set track on #5 roofing gravel. Keep grades below 2.5%. p. 53: Plans for DRGW rail & tie car, 06051.
p. 54: Build a Florence & Cripple Creek boxcar (by Ernie Noa).
p. 56: Article on Galloping Geese.
p. 58: Build a lineside shack. Board by board.
p. 63: picture of C & S combine Number 20.
p. 64: A History of the Shay, Part 4--very detailed.
p. 74: Unitah Railway articulateds and freight cars.
p. 77: Putting real glass windows in your buildings.
p. 80: Building a simple loging crane.

Outdoor Railroader June/July, 1996, Volume 6, Number 3

p. 19: Discussion of Barry's Big Train's replacement motor for Bachman Ten Wheelers.
p. 25: Product Review: Bachmann's "Spectrum" 2-4-2T.
p. 25: Product Review: Hartford Products 1:20.3 ore car. Very nice looking.
p. 28: Product Review of Progress Rail Product's (Houston, Texas) 1:32 scale laser cut wooden tool and handcar shed.
p. 29: Product Review of Sierra Valley Enterprise's 1:20.3 wheel crane car.
p. 38: Article on kitbashing a DGRW RPO car from a combine.
p. 40: article on Americanizing PIKO's brick enginehouse.
p. 54: article on a traction layout.
p. Article by Otto Halek on the Houston Area G Gauger's modular layout as of 1994 and as of 1996.
p. 60: article on using Remote Control Systems to have sound precede the movement of the loco.
p. 63: A History of the Shay, Part 5.
p. 70: Scratchbuild a Forney in 1:24 scale.
p. 72: Rebuilding Bachmann Trolleys.
p. 80: Article on building a flatbed truck in 1:24 scale using a Revel model.
p. 83: Barry Olsen's modifications of the Bachmann Ten Wheeler.

Outdoor Railroader August/September, 1996, Volume 6, Number 4

p. 14: Product Review of a plastic replica of a RR coupler for the front license plate of your car. No price listed. Cute.
p. 16: Product Review of RCS's new "Micro Titan" radio control battery system.
p. 20: short article on C & S authority Derrell Poole, who sold his collection and left the hobby--leaving a gap in OR's C & S coverage.
p. 21: Letter to Editor from the Battery Backstop on installation of Keithco System.
p. 22: Another mention of the modular layout of the Houston Area "G" Gaugers.
p. 26: Product Review of the newest version of Artistocraft's "Train Engineer."
p. 29: Product Review of Railfan Specialities battery powered flashing red LED light.
p. 38: Converting an LGB to an outside frame Baldwin.
p. 40: Building a 250 gallon water car for logging & mining RRs.
p. 43: article on small switching layouts. Eight track plans are shown, including Chuck Yungkurth's "Gum Stump and Snowshoe" (first published in the Sept. 1963 MR) and john Allen's "Timesaver" (first published in the Nov. 72 MR).
p. 52: Article on adding outside hung brake beams to LGB cars.
p. 58: Article on building a loggers machine shop.
p. 59: Building C & S caboose no. 1006 in 1:24 scale.
p. 70: Building a RR depot.
p. 79: Building C & S Boxcar # 8216 (Phase Two) from a Bachmann ket. Ed Keene used Ozark Miniature grab irons. Painted car with Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer.
p. 83: How to build a water plug. Making a ladder from match sticks and tooth picks.

Outdoor Railroader October/November, 1996, Volume 6, Number 5

p. 15: Product Review of LGB Mogul with Digital Sound in C&S, Durango & Silverton and New York Central.
p. 18: Letter to Editor regarding how metal wheels decrease # of cars an engine can pull. Specific numbers given.
p. 27: Product review of Barry's Big Trains modification of Bachmann Ten Wheeler.
p. 28: Product Review on Floquil's new air brush. They loved it.
p. 29: Product review: PIKO freighthouse.
p. 29: Product Review: Remote Control System's battery powered remote control throttle.
p. 31: Product Review of Hot Wire Foam Factory styrofoam cutter.
p. 32: Product Review of LGB's digital sound Mogul in C&S, Durango & Silverton and NY Central.
p. 32: Product Review of Ozark Miniature grab irons & NBW castings.
p. 34: Video review of video on how to build a turnout.
p. 42: Building a disconnect crane car.
p. 43: Excellent write-up and track plan for The Snow Creek Railway by Bob Treat. Rocks were cast from "plastic cement." Great ideas. Great pictures. Finescale outdoors. Don't miss this article.
p. 52: Modifying an LGB Mogul into a Baldwin.
p. 54: Articles on The Leatherstocking Line and Roger Caiazza's approach to realistic outdoor railroads.
p. 57: Scale drawing of SP Narrow Gauge Boxcar No. 338.
p. 58: Thought-provoking article by Herb Cranis on what makes an outdoor layout great. Avoid spaghetti track plans. Avoid over-sized ballast. Paint your rails. Not all track is alike. there are differences between mainline and sidings. Telegraph poles. Crossbucks. Whistle posts. Mileage markers.
p. 67: Scale drawing and article by Gary Watkins of SR& RL 24 foot boxcar.
p. 69: Scale drawing of East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Gondola Number 188.
p. 70: Article on Uintah into Sumpter Valley articulated.
p. 77: Using building flats to conserve space.

This is the last issue of Outdoor Railroader.
It is now Finescale Railroader.

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