Party Wines
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

What are "party wines?" Party wines are those suitable for larger gathering (more than eight) where (1) there are too many people for the host and hostess to directly supervise all happenings at the gathering; (2) people of all degrees of wine experience are present; (3) large amounts of wine must be provided without busting the bank or embarrassing the host as to quality and (4) red wines are inappropriate because the number of guests prevent the host and hostess from observing every spill.

And, by the way, I like these wines as vin ordinaires on those rare occasions when I'm not drinking a red.

I recommend the following whites as suitable for parties:
(1) 1.5 litre Napa Ridge Chardonnay
(2) 1.5 litre Summit Chardonnay
(3) 1.5 litre Robert Mondavi "Woodbridge" Chardonnay

I recommend the following sparkling wines as suitable for parties:
(1) Paul Cheneau Blanc de Blancs Brut
This sparkling wine has a smokey flavor which I like but which some may find uncharacteristic of a sparkling wine. Great price per bottle. Excellent choice if you have to adulterate the sparkling wine with orange juice for mimosas (If you aren't using freshly squeezed orange juice I like Tropicana brand and I don't care for MinuteMaid.) A 50:50 ratio of sparkling wine to orange juice seems about right.

(2) Korbel Brut
This sparkling wine is my favorite everyday sparkling wine. Korbel gets the taste, color and bubbles just right. "Individually fermented in this bottle." And the price is right!

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