On Port
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Nothing beats a good vintage port. Those are the ports with a particular year on the bottle. Vintage years are "declared" by the major port houses when they think they have a port worthy of the designation. That means it is often several years between declared vintages. It also means that one house may declare a year when another does not. Still, buying a vintage year is the best way to not go wrong.

Vintage ports are meant to drink old. A vintage port "only" a dozen years old is not yet ready to drink. Twenty-one years is the traditional standard. The theory was that one bought a case of port the year your son was born and presented it to him when he turned twenty-one. Works great if your son is born on a declared year, and you can resist the temptation to "sample" for twenty-one years.

But if you are unwilling to shell out the $75.00 and up for a bottle of vintage port there is an alternative.

Warres Warrior port is an everyday port that sells for about $10.00 per bottle. It is almost always available in Houston from Specs Liquor Warehouse on Smith Street. I have tried many "blends" of ports in an effort to find one to drink on more than special occasions. I was always disappointed until I tried Warres Warrior. If you can't drink a vintage port then I recommend Warres Warrior. It is an excellent buy and a very good port.

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