Red Vines by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Red Vines
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

A long time ago Brach's made a red licorice I was in love with. It was cherry flavored. The sticks were a little longer than a pencil, and hollow inside. They had a distinctive twist to the ribbed outside. Sadly, Brach's decided to discontinue this product.

Fortunately, American Licorice Company has a cherry licorice that rivals my memories of Brach's. I have tried their Red Vines "Original Red Twists" and I like them a lot. Their website says that they have been making these twists for 90 years and that they are very popular in the West. I think my Colorado memories qualify as "western" and these Red Vines are delicious. If you liked Brach's red licorice, give this product a try.

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