My Favorite Canned Beer by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
My Favorite Canned Beer
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I don't like to drink beer sold in cans. Beer should come in bottles. Indeed, beer demands bottles. However, there is one beer that comes in a can that I heartily recommend. That beer is Guinness Draught. You find it in four can in a carton. It is not cheap. However, it is a great beer experience on every level.

Guinness has outdone itself with this beer. There is a "special Guinness 'floating widget' inside the can" that helps duplicate the draught on tap taste. I don't know how it works. I don't know if it works. I do know that the beer tastes very good.

Of course, you don't drink this beer from the can. If you do you will miss many of its virtues. What you have to do is pop the lid and pour the beer in a steady stream into the side of a tilted glass. You will notice immediately that the color of the beer changes while you are pouring. You will also notice that Guinness has managed to insure a great head on the beer.

Set the glass of beer on the table. Sit down. Stare at the beer. It will be a creamy color immediately after you pour it into the glass. But the magic starts and the beer transforms itself into a rich, dark color with the most wondrous head. Now it is ready to drink. The carton claims the beer has a "smoother, creamier taste." Guinness has it exactly right. This is a well balanced beer, that asks for slow sipping.

If you get the impression that I like this beer, you are right. Few beers can be enjoyed on so many levels. Try a four pack. I am sure the beer will impress you and anyone you are kind enough to share it with.

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