Kashmiri Chai from Honest Tea by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Kashmiri Chai from Honest Tea
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

From time to time, I like to stop in at the Whole Foods on Kirby for a slice of their fresh-baked pizza. Most often, I accompany that light fare with a dark beer from their excellent selection of single bottles. But sometimes I switch the beer for something non-alcoholic. My first choice in such instances is a pint of cold Kashmiri Chai from Honest Tea.

I love chai tea and milk. And I have long recommended "The Original Chai Tea Latte" from Oregon Chai. It comes in a purple box, and makes a great late-night drink which mixed with a glass of milk.

But this Honest Tea is simply black tea and spices (cardamon being the predominate one), with only a touch of sugar. And no milk. It comes in glass jars, and Whole Foods has it the the refrigerator section, ready to sip. A whole pint only has ten grams of sugar. The refreshing goodness comes from the tea and spices, and not from a coying sweetness. This is a most refreshing brew. Give it a try--with or without a piece of pizza. Any they say: Real tea. Real tast. Honest.

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