Outstanding Store-Bought Habanero Potato Chips by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Habanero Potato Chips
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I love peppers. And the habanero pepper is the acknowledged leader in hotness. I have tried many products that use habanero powder to give an extra twist to the flavor. I have now found one that really handles the idea well. It is Bob's Texas Style "Habanero Intensely Hot Potato Chips." These chips are indeed intensely hot. They are probably too hot for the general public. That means all you chile-heads out there better start buying them so they won't go off the market. I don't eat very many potato chips, but when I want some heat, these chips are outstanding. Here in Houston I have seen them at the Krogers in the Heights. They are distributed by Tejas PB Distributing, Inc., 24800 I-45, Spring, Texas 77386. Their phone number is 800 833 0205.

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