Outstanding Store-Bought Tomatoes by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Tomatoes
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I never thought I would recommend a store-bought tomato. Where is the flavor? But I have reformed. There is an outstanding store-bought tomato--one with real tomato taste.

OK, it's not quite up to homegrown excellence. And I am not pulling up all my tomato plants. However, this tomato rivals homegrown, and is worth all the cost when homegrown tomatoes are not available.

And the winner is:
Desert Glory NatureSweet (tm) Tomatoes from Devine, Texas. They are sold as cocktail tomatoes. They come in a white mesh bag, and the vine is in the bag. Their slogan is "So fresh and sweet, they're still on the vine. tm"

Anybody would be skeptical of taste in a store-bought tomato. And why not. When has anyone got a tasty tomato from a grocery store? Well, all I can say is try these tomatoes and enjoy the taste of home-grown (or at least very close). Once you buy Desert Glory tomatoes I doubt if you will go back to those red things in the shape of tomatoes.

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