by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

"Creating a Rose Garden"
Harris County Precinct 4 Senior Adult Program, Houston, Texas
June 29, 2004.

Commencement Speech, Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Houston, Texas
June 26, 2004.

"How U.S. v. Emerson Impacts Texas Gun Owners"
Second Amendment Academy, Montgomery College, Conroe, Texas
March 3, 2004

"A Brief Overview of Bee Law in Texas"
Houston Beekeepers Association, Houston, Texas
November 18, 2003

"Integrated Pest Management in the Rose Garden"
Lufkin Landscape Task Force, Lufkin, Texas
August 23, 2003

"All about Bees,"
A speech given as part of the "Bugs and Me" series at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas
May 17, 2003

"Introduction to Growing Old Garden Roses"
College of the Mainland Outdoor Club; Texas City, Texas
June 5, 2002

"Training Bees at Sandia National Laboratory"
Houston Beekeepers Association; Houston, Texas
May 21, 2002

"Rose Resources: What You Need and Where to Find It"
Houston Rose Society Winter Workshop; Houston, Texas
January 13, 2001

"Basics of Planting, Mulching and Feeding Roses"
Groveton Chamber of Commerce; Groveton, Texas
September 15, 2001

"Introduction to Growing Roses in Houston"
Garden Oaks Garden Club; Houston, Texas
February 17, 2000

"Bad Faith and the Adjustor: The Plaintiff's Perspective"
CNA Insurance Company; Houston, Texas
June 15, 1994

"Bad Faith: The Plaintiff's Perspective"
Houston Claims Association; Houston, Texas
August 12, 1992

"The Plaintiff's Lawyer Under the New Workers' Compensation Act"
CNA Insurance Company; Houston, Texas
February 11, 1992

"Statutes of Limitations: How to Survive a Run Through the Minefield"
Center for Advanced Legal Studies; Houston, Texas
September 11, 1990

"Workers' Compensation Reform: The Plaintiff's Perspective"
Sealy Chamber of Commerce; Sealy, Texas
November 14, 1988

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