Best Styptic: My Nik Is Sealed

In 2011 I began shaving using a double-edged razor.

One of the best items I purchased as part of that adventure is a liquid styptic applicator called "My Nik Is Sealed."

When you begin shaving with a safety razor, you will try out a variety of double edged razor blades. Some will give close shaves, some will give dull shaves and some will give nicks to your skin.

It takes practice before you get good with a safety razor. Nicks are the norm until you find that perfect blade. Even then, nicks happen when that perfect blade gets dull. A nick is my signal that it is time to get a fresh blade.

Nicks are not painful, but they are unsightly. Traditional styptic pencils are not reliable for stopping the bleeding. The one product that is often recommended by double-edged shavers for dealing with the inevitable nicks is "My Nik Is Sealed." I bought my applicator on

The product comes in a roll-on applicator about the size of a lip balm tube. The product is used by rolling over the nick. The aluminum chloride is released and quickly stops the bleeding. I am amazed at how effective the roll-on is. The product dries to an invisible "bandage" that immediately stops the blood. Give this product a try. You will never go back to styptic pencils again.

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