Links to Wildflower Sites
Selected by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Texas Wildflower Hotline
If you are planning a visit to see wildflowers in Texas this is the site to visit for current information on where the wildflowers are doing their best. Sponsored by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. This site is sometimes not current during much of the year, but the Center does a good job of keeping it current during prime viewing weeks. Dont miss this one.

Wildseed Farms:
The largest (and cheapest) source of wildflower seeds for Texas of which I am aware is Wildseed Farms. Many of the techniques for harvesting wildflower seeds on a large scale were developed by this company. For many years they were located outside of Eagle Lake, Texas. They have now moved to Fredericksburg, Texas. Their phone number is 800-848-0078. Their catalogue is a great source of information about Texas wildflowers.

Wildflowers in Bloom by AGropolis Gardening
AGropolis Gardening is a site by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. It cover many interesting topics, one of which is wildflowers. The site has photographs of wildflowers, growing information and links to other site.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (formerly the National Wildflower Research Center) is located in Austin, Texas. There site has much information on the KCenter plus other information on wildflowers. It contains the Wildflower Hotline for updates to where to go at any one time to see the best wildflowers. Don't forget to check there when planning your wildflower tour.

Texas Wildflowers
This site contains close up pictures of many Texas wildflowers and natives, all arrranged alphabetically.

Last revised March 28, 1999

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