Monthly Calendar of What Good Beekeepers in Houston Are Doing

Plants Bees Like in Houston

Essential Equipment

Getting Ready for Your Bees

Extracting Honey and Beekeeping

Storing Extracted Frames over Winter

My Adventures during the Fall 2014 Honey Extraction

My Adventures during the Fall 2012 Honey Extraction

My Adventures during the Fall 2011 Honey Extraction

Hurricane Preparation in the Beeyard

How to Make a Simple Label for Your Honey Bears

Removing the Sugar Syrup Can from Your Packaged Bees

The Care and Use of EpiPens

Swimming Pools and Bees

Beneficial Nematodes and Small Hive Beetles

The Queen Moves In, and Out, and In and Out

A Swarm Comes to Visit

Mind Your Beeswax

Waxing Eloquent

Tools of the Trade for Hiving Your Bees

Who Is Really in Charge?

(hummingbirds) A Different Kind of Sugar Syrup

Beekeeping: The Great (?) Escape

My Bee Blog

Bee Queens and Packages

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DVDs about Bees and Beekeeping

Books about Bees and Beekeeping

My Leisure Learning Course
on Beekeeping in Your

A Brief Overview of Bee Law in Texas



Beekeeping in Houston
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