Freeze Damage in Houston: Protect Your Plants
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

The goal of this page is to give Houston gardeners the data I have accumulated and my personal experiences in dealing with cold weather in Houston and its effects on plants we can grow here.

Many plants do not need freeze protection. Many tropicals will suffer when the temperature dips into the 40's. Some plants will freeze to the ground and come back. My goal on this page is to collect as much freeze data as I can so you can come to one place and see if you have to bring in your plants and what you can expect if you don't.

I would enjoy hearing your comments about my experiences. However, if I don't have a plant listed it is because I don't know what will happen to it in the cold. When I list a plant it is based on either my experience or the experience of a gardener I trust. If you disagree with my analysis, please let me know.

Freeze Data for Plants in Houston

The Great Blizzard of December, 2009

Getting Ready for 21 Degrees Fahrenheit

How to Cover Your Plants

Freeze Protection for Roses in Houston

Freeze Protection for Plants in Pots in Houston

Up-to-Date Weather Info from AccuWeather

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